A Humble Beginning

When we were bachelors and living away from home, we always faced problems in getting good food at the click of a mouse. This led to the idea of opening up Lao.co.in. Though seven years back it was only an idea to forget the hassles of getting food, it lingered all through the working years. Initially, we started with offline tiffin service in 2009. It was a part time enterprise done with the collaboration of a few friends. The numbers of happy and satisfied customers were increasing but the commitment towards our individual jobs could not help continuing the enterprise. And all the partners then went their own way.

Getting back into full-fledged marketing job left no time for any other venture to be worked upon, but it always exposed to the unhygienic and tasteless food. Eating the delicious food made in clean surroundings was heavy on pockets. So this used to be a one-time affair in a week. The thought of providing hygienic food at affordable cost to all the office goers kept lingering in my mind. And after seven long years, I could see my dream coming true. I left my job and started working upon the concept.

Providing nutritious and healthy food at affordable price was a huge task for which I had to make a team, Team of passionate foodies. Who love to make delicious food and are also passionate about serving the same to others. One of my childhood friends is into dairy business and he got so interested that we are now partners in this venture. Together, along with our life partners, we started giving ground reality to this idea. Step by step, with great concern and fine efforts, DISA Foods Pvt. Ltd. was formed in December 2015.

Cooking is a passion for us and now we are just cooks. At home, food is always prepared by our Mother, Sisters and Bhabhis and though they are not certified chefs, they make soul food.The one which is full of love and care. We wanted to deliver the same hygienic food which brings satiating and comforting feel. There were other challenges as well.. There was a question of effective marketing and efficient delivery. There was another issue of immaculate packing and affordable pricing. Preparing a menu was itself a Sudoku puzzle as we planned for the whole month. Then there was also a challenge to make user friendly site and payment system. We have worked on all of these one by one and successfully implemented them for you.

Here in lao.co.in we are dedicated to tiffin service only and not a dhaba style greasy food. We made three different segments in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner according to the pocket of a customer. Also there is a segment choti bhookh in which small appetite can be satiated. The biggest thing we tried to give our customer is value for their referral means if you tell about us to others it will harness you a 5 % cash back of the total value ordered  every time by your referral. It means if you are an extrovert person with many contacts, you can earn your meal almost free (? 1 only). Our Mission is to deliver healthy, nutritious and hygienic tiffin at your work place.